Sports Program

Sports at GIIS Chinchwad bring a new and innovative approach to the delivery of sporting qualifications and our ethos is to provide a level of excellence in providing theory and practical knowledge in sports education. The training imparted fundamentally gives an insight into elementary skills to the participants.

We believe in creating state, and national level champions through our campus. We take efforts to instill in our students the attributes of leadership, team work, and equipping them with mental and physical strength to take on any challenges in life. Students are given training in various disciplines like:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Archery
  • Chess
  • Gymnastics
  • Cricket

Our partners for Sports


Edusports is a Bangalore based firm that provides end to end sports services for students of all age groups. At GIIS Chinchwad, we subscribe to their service for the entire preprimary segment.

Their resources include trained enthusiasts that work with the students on a scientific level, keeping in mind effective eye hand coordination and physical and mental development. Colourful equipment, modified games and a competitive environment for students is the Edusports USP.

The ActiveKidz Programme for Pre-Schools is ratified through a Healthy MindzTM Assessment Program both Edusports products. Detailed assessment cards with personalized feedback are shared with the parent community twice a year to create awareness about their ward’s health and wellness.

Edu Sports are ideal for anyone who has a desire to succeed in the field of Sports whether you are just starting your career, retraining or adding additional qualifications to continue your personal development. Our team of trained coaches who are strict yet friendly help in the attainment of personal and team goals. Playing their roles with utmost dedication, our coaches play a vital part to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating the student athletes.
- -Principal


SHAPE (School Health & Physical Education) works with GIIS Chinchwad with the key objective of developing active children in their foundation years, thereby making them fit and in-shape for a lifetime through age-appropriate curriculum in physical education and sports. Shape India programs are specially designed for K-10 Schools. Each child’s unique abilities are harnessed to help them excel during their developmental years. The primary focus is on building active lifestyle in children making them aware and educated about the significance of physical activities & sports, therefore making them independent and healthy for life.

The curriculum highlights are researched based sports curriculum and its delivery through qualified and trained professionals. Shape India also contributes to professional development in students, providing regular feedback on student development and ready parental counseling and interaction. An annual assessment allows child analysis and remediation thereof.

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