GIIS Model United Nations

The GIISMUN has been striving to create a conference that intends to promote constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas to achieve the objectives. As delegates engage in discussion and diplomacy on behalf of the countries they represent, their skills in researching, writing, negotiating, and public speaking will be put to test. With a vision of focusing on ‘We are the World’ the GIISMUN aims at being a conclave of path breaking ideas working towards promoting quality in all substantive spheres. We host some of the best debates qualitatively that the Indian MUN circuit has witnessed in previous years and sincerely hope to fortify it further within the ambits of MUN tradition.
It is an extremely humbling experience to have the prospect of unifying students of the city, country and largely the globe to engage in enlightening debates over some of the most pressing issues facing the international community. The GIISMUN Delegates engage in evolving workable solutions challenging the contemporary times for the general global wellbeing, peace, harmony and a productive future.

Rather than the individual prowess, the GIIS MUN intends to focus on issues by appreciating the collaborative efforts for endorsing the various categories with their respective abilities to make the Society a proper holistic functional unit.

With a commitment towards fostering innovative ideas as an imperative precursor for meaningful collaboration, this MUN is s defining platform for showcasing collective strength and proving the mettle of delegates who we are convinced will work towards contributing worthily to the society and world we are a vital part of.
It is our belief that Model United Nations conferences are a mode of furthering international co-operation and camaraderie. Additionally, the exposure to a world of perspectives helps participants broaden their scope of thought and look at things from contrasting points of view. All these factors play their own subtle part in making them global citizens who are in a position to solve issues of international concern.

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