Leadership Lecture Series

To offer extended learning going beyond the sterile strips of data which is disseminated largely to the students in schools, GIIS Chinchwad holds the Leadership Lecture Series that primarily aims at bringing experiences of personalities and their thoughts on success, goals and general well being that is most important for a purposeful life. The Leadership Lecture Series provides an exploration of leadership through stories and experiences shared by guest speakers. Students are invited to discuss and engage in issues as well as popular trends and topics that shape and affect their communities.

Leadership & Student Involvement has many leadership opportunities available. The Leadership Lecture Series offers leadership-focused programs throughout each semester to give students the opportunity to build on current leadership skills.

We invite personalities from various sectors like sports, education, entertainment, politics and even entrepreneurs to inspire students and talk about real life problems and discuss actual workable solutions of the same. Students benefit tremendously through these sessions as it enhances their understanding of their life ahead and gets them acquainted to challenges that they are bound to face sometime in their life.

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