Awards aren’t just about a pat on the back or a quick ego boost. They can enhance one’s reputation, help take pride in their work and instill confidence par expectations. Recognition is a vehicle for highlighting excellence and pushing it into a higher echelon of motivation and encouragement. Even when you succeed in your calling, rewards can differ. Each entity strives to pursue the same objective, in its own, unique way. This is where the role of awards and public recognition comes in. Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence.

At GIIS Chinchwad, the definitive objective behind every conscious effort has always been excellence! In the journey towards excellence, encompassing the contribution of each one of its team members is an authentication of their efforts, incredulous dedication and commitment towards a meritorious symphony of success far beyond expectation!

INTACH Best Heritage Club Award - GIIS

INTACH Best Heritage Club Award: The INTACH award was presented to our young students for their dedication and commitment to preserve the heritage of India and imbibing in them the love and respect for their rich heritage.

Education World India School Rankings Award - GIIS

Education World India School Rankings 2016: GIIS Chinchwad received the most coveted honor of the Indian Education platform of being ranked No. 5 in the Pune city, a city with more than 156 schools. It was judged on 14 parameters f excellence and was ranked in the category of Coed Dy Schools.

British Council International School Award - GIIS

British Council International School Award was presented to us for outstanding practices in teaching and learning. It vindicates the school’s international ethos. The award is a testimony to the innovations brought in by the faculty of GIIS.

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