A session by Mr. Bakre

At GIIS Chinchwad it is always our endeavor to partner with our parents to enhance the learning curve of our children. One of the many aspects of our platforms where we seek support and collaboration from our parents are the special lectures conducted by our existing parent talent pool where we invite our parents to share their insights on various topics with our students.

With the upcoming Board examinations, students are facing the pressure and the stress of exams. To help students cope with the pressures it is very important for the parents and the school to join hands to alleviate the stress and help them to perform better. Mr Sadhan Bakre, father of Ashutosh Bakre was invited to the school to talk to students and share with them his thoughts and experiences with Ashutosh. Ashutosh Bakre is the first student of GIIS Chinchwad who bagged the Global Citizenship Program which is the scholarship for Grade XI and XII at GIIS Singapore. Ashutosh scored exceedingly well in his Grade X Board examinations and was also the highest scorer in Math with 100/100.

Mr Sadhan Bakre shared some tips with the students on how to study during exams and gave them tips on enhancing their focus and attention for the optimum results. He spoke about the importance of prioritizing the subjects and attempting the difficult ones first. He also gave them an insight into study skills along with do’s and dont’s that are important while preparing for the exam. He stated that getting good sleep and keeping healthy is very important. He also shared with the students that getting good grades and marks is important to get in a good college and as students that should be the goal.

He concluded the session with the key mantra of “Always believe in yourself”, elaborating further on the significance of self belief and self confidence.


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