Revisiting childhood at GMP

Childhood is the best phase of one’s life and it is always a delight to get an opportunity where we can spend some time with the little children. They are the purest souls and in their company one can experience great joy.

Grade XI students were taken to the Global Montessori Plus, the pre primary facility of GIIS Chinchwad which is an abode to the tiny tots. Senior students went and spent time with little children to understand how they learn and react to different situations. It was very heartening to see the senior students bond with the younger ones at GMP doing what the little ones like to do. They had story reading sessions, outdoor activities at the acoustic corner and games which they played with the students of GMP. The agenda of the activity was to make the senior students understand the younger age groups and their needs. It also gave them an insight to deal with students having behavioural/ academic difficulties.

The GMP students responded beautifully to the seniors and spent good time together. This was actually a part of a Life Skills Activity where empathy, patience and mutual respect were imbibed in the students.


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