The Global Jigyaasa- Igniting curiosity

It is said that no school can be bigger than childhood and curiosity is the finest teacher to feed our minds with knowledge. It is that curiosity that gives the human minds an edge. It is the inquisitiveness that plays on the human mind that gives us a chance to know more, learn more and explore more. At GIIS we strongly believe that curiosity should be harnessed in the learners while keeping them abreast with general knowledge on current affairs.

To this effect we held the Global Jigyaasa for our students of grade 7. A day long quiz was conducted by our knowledge partners Skillsphere, the team that has been successfully organizing the GIIS MUN. The quiz was conducted across four rounds which were preliminary with almost 200 students. Of these 50 went to the Quarter finals, 10 to Semi finals and finally 6 to the Grand Finale. Students were paired in teams for the finale round and from there emerged our winners. The quiz was based on current affairs and had context, “Who am I”, Audio- visual and many kinds of rounds for the questions. Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot about the global affairs and other insights.

Dr Vohra on the occasion says, “We always strive to give our students a little more than usual academics and extracurricular. General knowledge and knowledge on international relations, world politics and global dynamics is absolutely crucial for the current generation of learners and we enrich them through platforms like the Jigyaasa.”

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