From being the best policy to being a virtue

At GIIS Chinchwad we strongly believe that success is largely attributed to other skills and values apart from academic excellence. It is therefore an important vertical of the school to imbibe in the students, values and skills like honesty, respect, humility and gratitude. Honesty being one of the important values that needs to be prevailed in the generation today was taken up as the “value of the month” for the primary grades.

Assemblies were conducted for different grades where the value of honesty was spoken about. Through song, skit and speech students were oriented towards how important honesty is for a purposeful and correct living. Students also had story telling sessions in their classes and shared their own experiences about instances and situations that gave them a chance to be honest. Teachers gave students a few anecdotes and impressed upon them the goodness in being honest. A video presentation was also shown to the students to further elaborate on honesty as the best policy.

We take pride in the fact that GIISians practice honesty as an important virtue and practice it diligently. Dr Vohra stated that, “While academics are an important index of assessment for students, I personally feel that holistic education is imparted only when students seek knowledge beyond their set curriculum. It is very motivating for everyone in the eco system to practice what we believe in and I am glad that all my students do so.”

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