“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”, this quote by Joseph Addison stands true as reading enriches the brain with new thoughts, ideas, theories. It also beautifully adds to elevating imagination, broadening perspectives and enriching the vocabulary of children. To ignite a love for learning in children, a “Book Week” was held in the month of December at the Global Montessori Plus, Chinchwad.

One whole week was devoted to books and their magic. From reading books to picture books, story books to concept books, our children were given a whole lot of books to explore and learn. Reading helps children in a variety of ways. A session on storytelling was held where the stories provoked inquisitiveness, imagination and discussion among the groups. It was very satisfying to see young children ask questions and discuss with their teachers about that particular story. Listening to these stories also assists in the development of literacy skills and language development. The students also made bookmarks and picture books along with their teachers as cherished souvenirs. The tiny tots were also taken to an open garden space for a reading time with nature. The purpose was this was to expose children to a wide range of elements of nature, plants and our flora and fauna.

Mothers were invited for a story telling session in each class.

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