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Playing games and participating in physical activities gives a child an opportunity to share, laugh and have fun. To inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and team work at very young age, we celebrated Annual Sports Day at GMP, Chinchwad on 1st Nov, 2017. It was a great start for the winter season to begin with a warming session for our little GMP stars with a planned and beautifully executed Annual Sports Day. The event started with an ecstatic opening ceremony graced by Director Principal Dr Amrita Vohra and Principal GMP, Mrs. Rashmi Srivastava who declared the sports meet open with the release of colorful balloons along with our tiny tots.

With a trumpet blast, the day began with fun games from this year’s theme “SEASONS” popping in from summer to winter. We saw our sports ground turning into a nest of young talent and energies waiting to explode! Students from Pre nursery to Class KII with cute and excited faces stepped together onto the marching line for the March Past. Our students and teachers were prepared with all the props for games like wearing raincoat, removing corns from the corn cobs and butterflies running to the finishing line, picking up and sorting seasonal things which just warmed up the entire event.


Our K1 presented an Edu sports display and the K2 children concluded the event by display of wonderful aerobics. Each and every activity was filled with innovation and team spirit. Our students participated with full enthusiasm and put their best foot forward to win.


“Sports and games provide the best learning platforms to children. It was heartening to see them enjoy all the heats planned by my very competent team of teachers that made the sports day exciting for the children”, said Mrs Rashmi Shrivastava.









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