Ambassadors of Literacy campaign

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive and what better way to celebrate the ‘Joy of Giving week’ than to sensitize our grade 10 students about ‘Adult Literacy’ and the ways in which they can contribute towards this noble cause. Dr.Geetha Mohan, Director IDF (Indian Development foundation) addressed our students through an interactive session. Our students were sensitized about the areas of concern in Adult Education and how they could be resourceful in bridging this existing knowledge gap in our society.

The session began with Dr. Geetha asking questions to our students on their thoughts about Adult Literacy. Dr. Geetha highlighted the need for better understanding of the term ’Adult Literacy’. She initiated a discussion wherein the students put forth their suggestions on the various areas that they could work on and create awareness amongst the adults belonging to the less privileged sections of the society. The students identified areas like Diet and Nutrition, Legal rights awareness, Health and Hygiene and general wellness which would require immediate attention. The students very enthusiastically contributed towards the discussion and decided on creating modules which could be used for training the adults.

Students came up with suggestions and pledged to work towards this cause. “We think that education is a necessity to lead a dignified and meaningful life. While we are honored to receive education, we feel that it is our duty to share and ignite the spark of learning in the elders who could not see the light of education in their younger days owing to compromised situations of life.




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