For sensitizing students…

Safety of children is of prime concern for all but an unfortunate reality in today’s world is that the safety of our children is often at stake. Some recent incidents have further accentuated the need to ensure safety of young children and hence this is an issue which requires immediate attention. Global Indian International School held sensitizing sessions across grades of pre primary and primary talking to them on appropriate touch and behavior.

The session on good touch bad touch was taken up and children were encouraged to speak up to their parents or teachers or family members if they experience any sort of bad touch. They were sensitized on what could be inappropriate touching and given instructions on touching rules that are appropriate. Teachers took the session with their classes where they were shown videos and were oriented towards basic rules that they should be careful of.

The behavioral counselor, Ms Kinjal Goradia also took a session with parents of pre primary students who are the most vulnerable group of kids and gave them a few warning signs to observe and be careful of. She gave a talk on building up a healthy and comfortable relationship with their children so that there is no fear in the innocent minds.

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