In admiration of our National Language

It is said that the best form of expression for humans is through their mother tongue and native language and for us as Indians it comes with the language of Hindi. Our emotional bonding, comfort and identity will always be more inclined towards Hindi as it forms the basis of our existence. Hindi as a language has evolved through a rich legacy and is extremely rich in vocabulary.

At GIIS Chinchwad we strive to sensitize students towards the importance of our national language. We teach them that no matter how proficient and articulate we get in other languages, the first word which still takes predominance over any other languages when we face trouble is ‘maa’. We also orient them towards the magic that can be woven with the Hindi syllables. An inter-house activity of ‘Slogan Writing’ was held in classes where children formed groups and came up with slogans on the importance of the national language. Some slogans like “Ekta ki jaan hai, Hindi desh ki shaan hai” were seen around and were selected for best entries.

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