Ignite the greed to read

It is said that the human mind is the fastest, even racing ahead of the speed of light. It has the power to help you travel the spaces of the universe in just a fraction of a second. Reading proves to be one of the most important catalysts in providing the strongest wings of imagination to the mind and fuels it for development.

Global Montessori Plus observed a “Book week” to focus on developing a love towards reading books and making them their best pals. Various activities were held during the week. Story telling sessions were held that generated a lot of interest in children. Discussions and questions were encouraged and children really enjoyed the same. “Dress me up as my favorite character” saw students coming in dressed like characters from a story. Right from Pinocchio to Goldie Locks to Cinderella and Spider Man, students looked really cute in these outfits. A takeaway activity of “Bookmark making” was held where students made handcrafted bookmarks which they would be using while reading their comics and storybooks. The little ones were also taken to the senior library to enjoy their favorite read and understand the discipline of a library.

Research has also proved that imbibing reading as a habit in young learners and cultivating it through the early years helps them to not only have strong language skills and vocabulary but makes them more confident and aware.

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