II Guru Govind dono Khade, Kake lagu pay

Balihari guru aapki, jisne govind diyo bataye II

These are the universally accepted words of Sant Kabir which simply define the greatness of gurus, of teachers.  Since time immemorial the Teacher has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the human race. In our country we have learnt to revere teachers, acknowledging them at a position only next to God. Teachers contribute to the overall development of the student’s personality and growth and development of the nation and to applaud this enormity of our teachers, Global Indian International School celebrated Teacher’s Day on September 4 with great pride and enthusiasm.

The senior students of Class XI made some presentations depicting their love and singing the glory and magnificence of the beautiful bonding they share with their teachers. The smile and glow on the teachers’ faces showed how appreciated and loved they felt, with some of them getting standing ovations from their beloved students. They also presented a cultural program, which added a different colour to the occasion. Students presented handmade book marks to their teachers which was symbolic of the ardent devotion and respect the students hold for their teachers.

Our Director Principak, Dr. Amrita Vohra truly believes that it is the teachers who are the pillars of this institution, the souls of this educational shrine and fantastic team members who work hard every day to create a better India through education.  With an expression of gratitude, she wholeheartedly thanked the teachers for their support and hard work and applauded them for the long term impact that they have on their students.

It is rightly said that ‘Teaching is that profession that teaches all the other professions’ because it is the teacher who plays the role of the torch bearer and holds the hands of their students to take them away from the darkness into the bright world of knowledge. They are the people on whom the humankind rests their immense faith to nourish them with the realms of knowledge. A student can find guidance, friendship, discipline and love; all from one person and that person is a TEACHER!









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