The kaleidoscope of talent and energies- Mélange

The four day GIIS Youth Convention- Mélange was held from August 16 to 19 at the Global Indian International School, Chinchwad to celebrate the spirit of youth and provide a platform of cross learning laced with experiences that paved way for a memorable gathering. The primary purpose of the youth fest is to allow the students from all parts of the city to come together and bring forward a competitive spirit across a plethora of contests.

In all over 40 schools participated in the 4 day event across a host of twenty seven events that saw a total number of almost 1000 participants. The hallways of GIIS have been buzzing with contagious enthusiasm of the young brigade and celebration seemed to be in the air. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Mr Deepak Dalal. The first day saw competitions that brought out the artistic bent of mind forward through competitions like Mural making, Tyre painting, Face painting, Origami. Literary competitions like Debate & Declamation, Recitation, Spell bee and Creative writing gave students an exposure on research, public speaking and negotiation skills. Rubik’s Cube competition was a highlight for the ones who maneuvered the cube and in record breaking time aligned it to solve the puzzle.

On the last day some of the other competitions touched upon performing arts like Rock Band, Group Song/Dance, Solo singing/ Dance, Mime act, Design a dress,  garnered the loudest cheers from the crowd and was enjoyed by one and all. The Chief Guest for the closing ceremony was Mr Nikhil Kanetkar, International Badminton Player and owner of the Nikhil Kanetkar Badminton Academy. The Best School Rolling Trophy was awarded to City International School, Pimpri for their overall consistent performance.

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