Let Peace prevail

Peace is not just a word denominating a state where there is no war. Peace is a way of life; it is the state of mind, a salubrious ecosystem, a harmonious connection with oneself and a healthy and serene life.  To align our students towards identifying peace as a pursuit and be the messengers of global peace, World Peace Day was celebrated in Global Indian International School, Chinchwad. This day is observed in the memory of Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl whose name is synonymous with hope and peace.

The assembly highlighted the importance of peace in our day to day lives. Students performed a nukkad natak that gave the message of peace and tolerance. A musical rendition on “Let there be peace in the world” set the prelude beautifully for this assembly and a mesmerizing dance performance was indeed enthralling. A student dawned on the role of Malala Yousufzai and spoke about peace by giving the message that education can lead to a tolerance and love. Students also showed a small video that played messages from their teachers and peers on what peace means to them.

Director Principal Dr Amrita Vohra said, “Peace is essential for a better way of living—peace of mind, peace in the family and peace in nature. Today, in our modern, technological world, man apparently has access to everything he desires. In the absence of peace, however, everything has been rendered meaningless. What is needed to redress the balance is love, compassion, tolerance, forbearance and the spirit of co-existence” She urged the students to become the crusaders of spreading peace and harmony.

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