Global Indian International School, Chinchwad is known for its progressive way of teaching and exposing its staff to best practices that will provide them with an edge. Constant upgradation of its teaching fraternity both professionally and personally, to the ethos of GIIS Chinchwad is significant. In view of the same, GIIS Chinchwad held a one of its kind workshop/ training session for its leaders on Neuro Linguistic Programming on July 15 and 16, 2017 where the staff was given 17 clock hours of the training. The training was conducted by the leading NLP trainer of the country Mr. Anil Dagia.

The workshop focused on the exploration of how we communicate, think and change with the aim of replicating and improving great performance in any context. It touched upon both conscious and unconscious processes that lead to increased communication skills, confidence, motivation and success and is directly related to increasing our ability to influence and persuade.

The purpose of this workshop was to

  • Improve personal and social skills – help develop and improve on existing skills
  • Business skills like improved leadership, coaching, sales, influence and managing change
  • Help with personal challenges
  • Health – help individuals change limiting beliefs, habits and behaviour
  • Sport – Used to help people reach and maintain peak performance.

The staff and faculty benefitted largely from this session and state that basic principles of purposeful living are often neglected in the daily routine of life. It is important to condition your mind and program it to help you lead a well balanced life. The workshop had a lot of group activites, self analysis modules, and practical goal setting templates which were enjoyed by all.

Anil is probably the most innovative NLP trainer in India. He got his NLP training approved by International Coaches Federation (ICF) for Coach Specific Training, a feat which no other NLP trainer in India has been able to do before him. He has created unique training programs titled “Emotional Fitness Gym”, “Neuro Linguistic Manipulation” & many other programs customized to meet the needs of the organizations that have hired him which includes top names from various industries like Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Education, Banking, Energy, Automobile etc.

He has trained & coached over 4000 people across 11 nationalities (including French, Spanish, British, South Africans & more) from various professions.


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