Health and Hygiene is the way of life

The foundation years of a child are the most important in determining habits that will stay with him for life. It is therefore important to orient them towards developing a positive way of living that they will retain for life. Health and personal hygiene are two very important factors which need intervention from an early age. Global Indian International School, Chinchwad observed a Hygiene and Health week in its pre primary wing dedicating it to activities that encourage children to adapt to a healthy way of life.

The week long activities included giving students information about health and hygiene, getting them oriented towards products that assist in personal hygiene like soap, hand wash, nail cutter, tooth paste, tooth brush, napkins etc. elaborating on their use and purpose. Children will colour the pictures of these mentioned things. Teachers also took sessions on talking about the importance of keeping the surroundings clean and monitored their nails, hair, uniform etc. Videos were shown on cleanliness and hygiene with a message of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Through short stories children were also given an important lesson on “Swachch Bharat” and encouraged to become agents of change. Group activities that involved collage making and fruit salad making were encouraged. Children were told about the benefits of eating fruits in order to promote good eating habits and a healthy life.

A sense booth was made at the preprimary bay which will be displaying sight and feel objects. Objects like sunglasses, binoculars, magnifying glasses, kaleidoscope etc were kept to be experienced by children. For elaborating on the sense of touch various montessori materials like touch board, thermic tablets, fabrics, scrubber, feathers, sand, rangoli powder, hot/warm and cold water, ice etc were placed to be experienced by all children.


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