Being Loyal to your nation is a virtue

India is a land of various castes, cultures and dialects spread across a geographical outline bonding the 1.3 billion people calling this land- home. Amongst 1000 of languages, seven major religions, round the year festivals, and innumerable cuisines it is very important to have mutual harmony and love within the people to help peace prevail.

Global Indian International School held an assembly on the importance of ‘National Integration’ where students were sensitized towards having a feeling of equality and tolerance irrespective of caste, creed, language, color etc.

Students exhibited their unity through a skit performance and showed varied religions, traditions, caste within our nation. The message given made it clear that there is more power in unity than division. The intention of observing National Integration assembly was to make students live in unity, peace, and spreading of love and brotherhood among the fellow students.



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