Best Principal Award from SOF

Recognitions always serve as reassurances that we are on the right path of achieving excellence and ensuring that the students are on a worthwhile journey of seeking knowledge. Adding another achievement to its already impressive dossier of accolades, the school has recently been bestowed upon with yet another award. The Science Olympiad Foundation has honored our Director Principal with the Best Principal Award (Zonal- Maharashtra and Goa) for outstanding achievements of its students in the 2016-17 Olympiads.

In the last academic year almost 1700 students took part in the Olympiads both nationally and internationally. Science, English, Math and Cyber Olympiads saw participation from students and the results have been outstanding. Out of 1700, 30 students have secured single digit international ranks and a medal of excellence. Students have received cash prizes and certificates to applaud them for their achievements.

Dr Vohra, Director Principal says, “Olympiads provide the “extended” in extended learning allowing students to look beyond their curriculum books and practice questions that focus on skills of logical reasoning, analytical ability and critical thinking.”



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