Student Led conferences

Research- Learn- Present

Global Indian International School takes immense pride in one of the most important initiatives which is an integral part of its ethos, the Student Led Conferences for Integrated Projects. These are the conferences that are focused on the amalgamation of concepts learnt, facts researched and ideas presented. In a time where education is much beyond the rote learning through the sterile pages of a textbook giving data, the integrated projects at GIIS Chinchwad stand out for the cohesive manner in which subject are integrated to enhance the learning and make the entire process more purposeful and joyous.

The self designed module of Integrated Projects of GIIS Chinchwad  where each subject is seamlessly stitched together in a project that offers scope for in depth research to every student allows them to research, inquire, know, learn and present.

Students across grades III to X were given various topics like Forest Conservation, Landforms, Tourism, Sports, Digitalization, Climate Change and Evolution of money. Here they were required to research about the given topic in subjects like Hindi, English, Science, Math, SST and IT and eventually present their piece of work in front of their parents.  The groundwork for this begins during their summer break where they with the help of their parents learn more about the given topic. The projects created and presented by the students showcased their inherent talent and hard work towards the project topics.

The student’s impressed all with the confidence which they presented. Parents were also very happy to hear some facts which were indeed very intriguing and interesting. Conversation, quiz, questions and discussions added to the engagement of the audiences making the conference extremely successful.

Dr Amrita Vohra says, “the primary objective of Integrated Projects is to chisel the researching skill of our students, urge them to self learn by experiment, spend time with their parents that help in bonding and hone their presentation skills. It was heartening to see, students creating working models on topics given to them showing their outstanding talents.



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