To the children who are the future of this Nation…

When we say “Children are our future”, we imply that we are completely responsible for their wellbeing and promise to give them a life that they attribute to their and the country’s success collectively. However, social barriers often hamper the well being and growth of the most important asset of this nation-its children. Child labour is one such stigma of our society that deprives our children of basic necessities and privileges of life and more importantly their innocence and childhood.

Global Indian International School, Chinchwad held a special assembly to observe the World Day against Child Labour in an effort to sensitize the audience on the saddest concern of the world which is child labour. Students spoke about the harmful effects which this has on the innocent children on their physical and mental development. A ‘nukkad natak’ was performed that focused on how the children who are put into earning their daily living fail to get necessary education and are being enslaved, separated from their families, exposed to serious hazards and illnesses and/or left to themselves on the streets of large cities.

Facts were shared on the statistics of Child Labour across the world which showed that industries like Firework manufacturers, mining industries, carpet industry, diamond industry etc. engage children in Child labour.

On this occasion Principal Dr. Amrita Vohra said, “Children desire to be wanted, shown affection and appreciated. Quality education is a right of our children. It is unfortunate that many have still not seen the radiating light of education and there are hundreds who are devoid of the playful years of innocence because of a few elements that snatch them off their rights and bond them with labour”

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