LEADing the Way

With a belief that education is more than the rote learning in the confinements of a classroom and analyzing the sterile strips of data reflected through test scores, Global Indian International School, Chinchwad strives to bring in more to the overall learning experience of children. To harness skills that will be put in use more often in their life, the school holds programs that will give a holistic grooming to children.

Along with SkillSphere Education, GIIS introduced the LEAD programme for the students of Grade III-V. Three trainers along with Mr. Muneeb Riaz were at the helm of these training sessions which were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The program involved various activities for the students that encouraged and pushed them to think, inquire and present. Mind maps, Sales pitch; Open thinking were some of the key verticals covered in the three day workshop. Skills like problem solving, decision making that enhance the leadership of individuals were beautifully touched upon through small, relatable activities. The three days were also used to discuss current affairs and issues to get children to become more aware about their local, national and international world. Deliberation and debate helped them to develop diplomatic Skills such as Lobbying, Argumentation and Collaboration.

Dr Amrita Vohra says, “The thought behind getting this programme for the students of grade 3 to 5 was to hone their key 21st century skill sets which have now become imperative towards ensuring a successful life at a later stage.”

LEAD (an acronym for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Awareness and Diplomacy) is SkillSphere Education’s systematically structured programme, which ensures that young students get exposed to, and develop the aforementioned skills at an early stage itself.



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