Eid Mubarak

The crescent shaped moon that glitters in the night sky bringing in the pious festival of Eid is a blessing from the almighty that is cherished and celebrated for the prosperity and goodness it brings. After a month of fasting and observing prayers celebrating the month of Ramzan, the day of eid brings happiness and joy to each ones lives.

Global Indian International School celebrated this festival where the tiny tots came dressed in their festive fineries. A special assembly was held to observe this festival where the little ones understood the meaning of this festival. As the children hugged each other greeting “Eid Mubarak” in their sweet voices, the atmosphere was resonating with love and good wishes for each one. Students performed a skit and a dance that was enjoyed by all of them.

It is important to sensitize children towards our country’s culture and festivals and hence the school ensures that all festivals are celebrated in the school.


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