For the love of Mother Earth

To bring awareness toward environmental protection, World earth day is celebrated on 22nd April worldwide. On this day, students at GIIS demonstrated their support and concern towards mother earth. They discussed “how with some conscious efforts they can contribute to save our planet?”

“Social Animal“– the most intelligent creature on earth is to be blamed. Many children came with thoughts, “how they can save our mother nature?” Few students came with suggestions like being eco-friendly, planting more trees; less use of energy, less use of plastic, use of public transport can help to save our planet. They were made aware that how 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) can help us to save our earth from devastation. Students understood that it’s in our hands to save and keep earth beautiful.

On this occasion Principal, Dr. Amrita Vora said, “Devastation of Mother Earth is really a big concern which is immensely affecting our climate. As responsible human beings, we collectively need to take care of our mother earth who has blessed us with all recourses for our survival and one day we all have to give her back in one or the other way”



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