Experiential learning is the way!

Experiential learning is the best way to get learning maximized for each learner as it essentially revolves around the theory of “I do, I understand”. Subjects like Math & Science which students find boring & difficult can be made interesting with the use of practical and hands on experiments for better understanding. These also flairs up the skill of problem solving, crtitical and analytical thinking etc. Well qualified teachers should harness the importance of learning it right, so that they keep pursuing greatness in STEM field. STEM learning is enriching children all around world, and catering to children between ages 4 to 14.

Engineering For Kids – an America’s award winning learning program is one of the best practices of educating students globally by enriching their learning experience. The purpose of bringing this course is an attempt to discover new things and bringing curiosity to a level where learning can be fun. Presently this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education is vitally lacking in our Indian education system. In Global competitive scenario, all employers are seeking for skilled and talented workers competent in science, engineering, technology & math. Here is why, STEM education offers a student more than just a close look at how the world works.

Students at GIIS Chinchwad are edifying their educational journeys along with Kelvin- Our Engineering For Kids mascot. Kids adore Kelvin and look forward to a class where students experience and learn many models like hot air balloon made of paper cups and balloon, building roads, Kites, Paper rocket, etc. The Engineering For Kids classes have been integrated into the curriculum to make this a wholesome program for the students. Parents have felt and experienced this program of study the most effective one and full of learning and brainstorming session.

Many other benefits this program brings are

  • Build problem solving skills
  • Hands on experiential learning
  • 21st century life skills like logical reasoning, analytical thinking, conceptual clarity
  • Discover how things work
  • Exploring engineering as a career option
  • Learn Science & Math while having fun.
  • Engage in real world engineering problems


Principal Dr Amrita Vohra reiterates the benefits and says, “Engineering and technology are a way of living now, but exactly what they are, remains a mystery to most students. Engineering is about problem solving, and it’s no longer limited to buildings and bridges. In the 21st century, new technologies are engineered and emerge every day, and those people who can use science, mathematics, and engineering to solve new problems will be the ones to produce marketable products and services.”

In conclusion, Global Indian International School, Chinchwad module of Engineering For Kids where STEM education is important to spark an interest in pursuing a STEM career in students. However, the real learning of STEM education is an amalgamation of teacher training and parent encouragement to maximize the merits of STEM education.




We are extremely happy with this initiative of the school. My 8 year old daughter came home excited talking about the hot air balloon that she created. This program has encouraged kids to discover how things work and increase their desire to explore engineering concepts”, said Rachna Khandelwal, parent.

“My son attended the first Engineering For Kids class where he made a boat. He really loved it and wants more of these. We also made another boat at home to share his excitement and the thrill with which we narrated the learning was contagious”, said Avinash Patil

 We are happy with the EFK class for my 5-year old at GIIS.  Every day he asks how many more days until the next class. Teachers make kids comfortable and engage them well”, said Paritosh Pai


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