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Are you looking for a good pre-primary school in Pune, but are confused with the choices? This article is just for you! A pre-primary school plays a significant role in shaping your child’s life. It acts as a foundation that contributes to much more than just prepping them for primary school education. Research suggests that a good quality pre-primary school prepares a child for not only academic but emotional and social success and helps make the transition into primary school effortless. Read on before you start your search for the best CBSE primary schools in Pune.

Benefits of enrolling your kid into a good pre-primary school:

Promotes all-round development:

It is essential for young preschoolers to socialise and spend time with other children before they set out on their primary school journey. Why? So that they get exposed to people who come from different cultures and backgrounds. A pre-primary school helps get them involved in group activities which cultivates the need for group interaction and helps them interact, respect, co-operate, compromise and voice their opinions too.

Builds character:

A pre-primary school essentially helps build confidence and a sense of independence among children which facilitates in build a strong character. Research suggests that children who attend a pre-school tend to make a stress-free transition to their primary school. Simply because a pre-primary school provides a protected, healthy and happy environment which enables them to learn from the people around them. More importantly, children will be more comfortable being away from their parents and have less trouble adjusting to the big world of primary school.

Promotes linguistic skills:

Did you know?  The size of a child’s vocabulary and social skills is directly linked to their early education? Yes! Moreover a child’s vocabulary expands from 900 to 2,500 words between the ages of 3 and 5, which is exactly why an environment rich in language is vital to a child’s development. Teachers from CBSE primary schools in Pune can tell you that young ones who attend a good quality pre-primary school enter primary school armed with better pre-reading skills than others.

Now you’ve known how these benefits will help your child transition to primary school, it is important as parents to give your child a good head start in life by choosing the best pre-primary education around you. Finding an excellent pre-primary school in Pune in not a difficult task. If you reside in Chinchwad, simply start by researching the best schools in Chinchwad and then take other factors like proximity, budget and education quality into consideration. You will find it easier to discover the best schools in Chinchwad in no time!

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