An insight into ancient civilizations

The world as we see it today with its myriad cultures and languages can only be appreciated if we explore the history of the major ancient civilizations that thrived and still exist in some form after a prolonged evolution. Each civilization that exists and has existed has to it a kaleidoscope of culture, lifestyle, music and literature. With ancient civilizations, it’s the same thing, but on a grander scale. We as a society are directly descended from ancient societies like Egypt, China and Harappa, because their ideas and beliefs have been shared and passed down through so many cultures. So we can learn about our society and culture by studying them.

GIIS considers itself a pioneer in the field of education and therefore studying the evolution of the education systems in the ancient civilizations becomes not only interesting but also useful as a model .The selection of this topic as an ISA project for students of class 6 to 8 was hence intriguing and fun. Each class was assigned with a different civilization with the same learning objectives. The research put in by the students enriched them with knowledge that goes beyond the textbooks. Reading about these civilizations also helped them understand the evolvement of the human race in a larger context.

Students presented a beautiful exhibition of all the three civilizations that depicted the cultures and lifestyles of each civilization. Students also dressed up in the cultural attire of Egypt, China and Harappa and spoke earnestly about the magnificence of these rich civilizations. Parents were very happy to see the efforts put in by the students and teachers.

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