From hobbies to passions

That which gives you great happiness and satisfaction is a hobby. Science has proved that interests which are pursued as hobbies generate positive feelings and creativity, which increases happiness, reduces stress and enhances work performance. Taking cognizance of the innumerable advantages of adopting a hobby, Global Indian International School, Chinchwad offers a wide range of hobby clubs for children to choose from.

Providing plentiful openings to promote the children to utilize their imaginative strength and skills and develop their artistic talents in a particular field, Hobby clubs persuade and permit interactions with teachers outside the normal school setting. The activities are usually fun filled and also promote learning. Giving a befitting conclusion to the round the year activities and learnings through the hobby club classes, the school held a hobby club presentation of all the club classes like dance, music, MUN, IT, Art etc.

Students put on display all that they have learnt throughout the year and presented it with style to their parents. Parents appreciated all the efforts and congratulated the school and teachers for putting up a great show.

Dr Amrita Vohra, Principal on the occasion said, “We strongly believe that the plethora of activities conducted throughout the year give the students a platform not only to showcase their hidden skills but also is an opportunity to imbibe various values in the students’ minds.”


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