To soar high in the sky

Kites are a beautiful symbol of the inherent human nature to soar high in the sky and succeed. It is an ancient practice of the Indian culture and appeals to everybody irrespective of their gender, caste or creed. However, kite flying is observed to have a very positive impact on young children. Science has proved that the stimulation provided by kites-its bright colors and the high-flying nature is loved by all children.

Global Indian International School gave its students a fantastic opportunity of making their own kites on the occasion of Makr Sankranti. The excitement and thrill seen in the students was indeed contagious. They chose the colors and accessories with which they wished to create their kites. One major highlight was to pass a message for the welfare of the community and the world at large. Students made kites with messages like “Save Tigers”, “Save Water” and “Educate the girl child”.

Dr Vohra, Principal on the occasion said, “While we celebrate the festivals, it is important to reiterate to the students some of the key issues that are faced by the world today. We believe that when these young students take up the causes, results are sure to be achieved.”


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