We are the proud Indians

As the national flag swayed in the light breeze on the morning of January 26, 2017, on the 68th Republic Day of a country so great- India, hearts swelled with pride and souls celebrated with freedom. The morning assembly at Global Indian International School to observe the Republic Day of our country reiterated that we are set to become a leading nation of this world, ready to break barriers and clichés while moving ahead with a progressive outlook.

The flag hoisting ceremony at the onset charged the hallways as the national anthem resonated the pride of this country. The hallmark of this nation lies in the varied cultures stitched together though a geographical boundary, laced with mutual love and respect. This was followed by a wonderful skit on the constitution day, marked with the major scenes of history. A young student, Charu through her electric poetry mesmerized the audience building in them the nostalgia of freedom and struggle.  The dance performance from the young students was a beautiful rejoicing of the love for this country while the song presentation by the school choir proved to be a rendition of our glorified country.

Principal Dr Amrita Vohra in her address urged the students to reflect back on their freedom and realize how fortunate we are to be living a life with a free spirit. She also spoke that now is the time to change and we should not procrastinate thinking that at a later time we will do something. The duty of each one of us should be to serve the moment.

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