Eureka! Thinking takes a new leap

Creativity requires the courage to let go of the certainties and redefine the concepts and the students of Global Indian International School have always stood apart for their creative and innovative thinking. Challenging themselves and thinking out of the box to deliver excellent results is the highlight of the GIISians.

Embarking on the journey of thinking beyond the horizon and bringing to life the concepts that are taught in the confinement of the classrooms, GIIS Chinchwad held the annual exhibition- EUREKA, by the students of Class 1 and 2 on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Each student of each section participated wholeheartedly in the annual event, collectively to make splendid projects on Science, English, Math and Geography. The students worked together in teams as well as created individual projects displaying their articulate work with confidence and ease. Models on Food Pyramid, Gregorian calendar, smart city, weights and measures, solar system, rain water harvesting, energy and many others were put on display. Parents were impressed on the preparation and the facts which the students shared.

The highlight was also the Michelangelo segment which beautifully and magnificently flaunted the art works of the students that were creations of their thoughts dipped in paint and splashed on canvas. The kiosks of 3D Printing hub and Engineering for kids showcased the technological revolution of creating models. Parents were intrigued to see the projects created by students and spent time understanding the fundamentals.

An outcome of sheer hard work and dedication of the students, each project served as a fantastic way for the students to learn practically the various intricacies of the subject. They were eager to talk about their respective projects and impress upon people the importance of it. Parents complimented the students, teachers and the school for holding this exhibition and giving a chance to the students of exhibiting their creativity and talent.


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