Just when your child is out of his secondary schooling, parents often face questions about their child’s higher secondary education. Parents usually lose sleep over the upcoming challenge of schooling their children in the best possible school around. Which are some good CBSE schools in Pune for 11th and 12th? Should it be a co-ed or a single sex school? Public or private? Religious or secular? And the list goes on.

Parents, instead of panicking we suggest you should relax and spend some time researching about the best CBSE higher secondary schools in Pune. How? We have some simple steps which may help your child land in the best school around.

Here are the steps which will help set up a process while scanning schools and give you clarity in the long run:

1. Begin early:
Starting an early research actually buys you time to carry out a detailed study about the school. This will also enable you to prepare your child for his CBSE higher secondary schools in Pune and help you decide in the long run. Starting early is beneficial since application processes might take a long time and in some cases there might even be waiting lists too.

2. Create a list:
It is good to weigh down your options and create a list before hand, so that you can later weed out options that don’t appear feasible or convincing over a period of time. Also, considering the place that you live in and your child’s interests, with research you might be able to collate a good list of CBSE schools in Pune for 11th and 12th to choose from.

3. Discuss with your child:
Before embarking on your school hunt, it is wise to sit and have a hearty talk with your child about his preferences for his school. Discuss about the kind of school they want to go to, if they are comfortable in a co-ed or not or have they made up their mind about a certain school where all of their friends are planning to enrol. Also, consider little things like the time taken to travel to school and use it to add filters to your research.

4. Feedback:
When you start your research, you would primarily look for the official websites of each school which definitely portray every aspect in a very positive light. After this stage, one should really consider getting real time feedback from friends, parents or try to get into contact with parents who would give an honest feedback. For example if you are planning to zero down on Pune international school, you must ask for genuine feedback from students and their parents. The website of Pune international school might have all the relevant information you’ve been looking for, but researching further is your task. This way, you might get the actual lowdown on the schools you have been considering and make you more confident while choosing.

5. Convenience and costs:
Think about convenience for your child as well as you. Consider the amount of time spent on travelling and also the costs involved. Also, where do your child’s friends reside, how far is the after-school playground or weekend sports ground for your kid should matter. Additionally, consider additional costs involved with the extracurricular activities and their feasibility. Lastly, think about your child’s sibling too if they have any, and think of options where both can be enrolled for their higher secondary education.

Thus, it is wiser to take out a considerable amount of time before considering a certain school for your child’s higher secondary education in Pune.


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