GIISians camp it out!

In the prevailing age of cut-throat competition and in their pursuit for excellence, the students seem to be taking up a lot of stress, which may hamper their overall performance. In a bid to motivate students and to give them a refreshing break, GIIS organised a 3-day camp (16th December- 18th December, 2016) at CHINMAYA VIBHOOTI, KOLWAN (near Pune City) for the students of grades IX, X and XI. The camp was conducted by Dr. Anand Gokani, a practicing Diabetologist at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai and an expert in dealing with adolescents.

The serenity and peace of the venue, spanning 65 acres, was captivating. The students were not allowed to carry any electronic gadget with them. In the absence of mobile phones, television, music systems and other electronic devices, the students utilized the time productively in bonding with each other.

A plethora of activities were organised for the students in the picturesque environs of Kolwan. Dr. Gokani held highly enlightening sessions regarding ‘Body, Mind and Soul’ highlighting the importance and functioning of each of these essential components of human life. He emphasized upon various measures which must be adopted in order to lead a happy, healthy life which included recommendations for changing a student’s lifestyle, attitude and even food habits. Prayer sessions, across different faiths, were held every morning and evening. The students conducted them voluntarily. The devotion and sincerity of students during the sessions was mesmerizing.

Fostering team-work along with enhancing physical and mental capabilities of the students was one of the primary agendas of the camp. The group of 61 students was divided in teams and a lot of team activities were conducted to encourage bonding and camaraderie.

With a striking twist, the second day dawned with a mini cross country race of 3 km. The route included an uphill climb along with many twists and turns.

The STEM intelligence and skills coupled with creativity of the students were displayed during the activity of making bridges using newspapers and duct tape only. The bridge had to be made so high so as to allow a football to roll under it, and so strong that it would be able to hold the weight of a brick! The students accepted the challenge wholeheartedly, and built unbelievably amazing bridges. This was made possible by exceptional team work which brought 6 minds together, in each group. Dr. Nene, CEO of CHINMAYA VIBHOOTI and a qualified engineer, judged the competition. He appreciated the undaunted efforts of the students and declared 3 teams as joint winners.

The third day ushered excitement for the students in the form of another team activity -‘Treasure Hunt’. The students covered the entire area almost three times in their ‘hunt’ for the treasure. The enthusiasm and fervor of the teams loomed large in the air.

Late evening Bonfires proved to be the most awaited moment of the day. Immense talent in singing and dancing was exhibited, which was enjoyed by everyone amidst noise, applause and cups of steaming hot chocolate.

During each activity and session, Dr. Gokani inspired the students to put their best foot forward, not only at the camp but in every walk of life. He made them realize their true potential and overcome their inhibitions in a subtle manner.

The camp culminated with a feedback session wherein Dr. Gokani gave a feedback about the camp in general, and regarding each student, in particular. The students shared their experiences and expressed heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Gokani for organizing such a camp which infused boundless motivation, learning and excitement into each one of them.

Principal, Dr Amrita Vohra said, “Dr Gokani’s motivational camp is a place of non-stop activity, where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exciting outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises.



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