Research has proved that animals can provide great opportunities for entertainment and learning. Most children are naturally drawn to animals; therefore interaction with animals can be a fun activity where learning comes as a side-affect.

As a part of the interactive learning module at GIIS Chinchwad, a day out with parents was organized where the pre primary wing was converted into a Jungle and under the Ocean waters to give the students a feel of the two verticals. The classrooms were beautifully converted to the two scenes from jungle and under water. The efforts of the teachers along with students were clearly displayed through absolutely fine detailing of each prop and creature that was put in the display. The entire event was organized with precision and was executed seamlessly. The excitement in the children could not be contained as they were handed over binoculars and ocean glasses before entering the Jungle and Deep down the Sea. Parent too shared the excitement and it was endearing to witness the obvious bonding which was happening over this activity.

Children excitedly spoke about their favorite animals and narrated to their parents the experience of making the props and getting ready for this activity. Parents complimented the teachers for their efforts in ensuring that learning is coupled with such kind of activities that give a real time experience to the students.

It is good for children to learn about different animals and their important role in our world. Children need to see that they relate heavily to our everyday lives. As part of this learning, children will start to understand more about nature and our environment as well as other environments.

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