Creepy…Crawly…Cutie…Creatures of GIIS


It was a spectacular sight in the campus of GIIS Chinchwad as the tiny tots of pre primary came dressed as creepy insects for a fun time and ramp walk with their parents. It is seldom seen that young students dress up as insects. The purpose of this show was to orient the little children towards different types of insects and also teach them to make the most out of waste.

The parents had to make the costumes with the help of waste/spare material found easily at home to dress up their little ones as the crawly creatures. It was heartening to see the students of K2 enact their favorite insects. They spoke about the insect; its characteristics, food and where they live. The activity helped the children to build their imagination and by sharing amazing facts about those insects, strengthen their communication skills, thereby building their confidence. Mothers were given opportunity to dress up their little ones by using waste material and thus displaying their creativity. The waste material used by them was small carton boxes, bottles, bottle caps, straws and ice cream sticks.

This event gave a wonderful opportunity for the mothers and children to bond and have a fun day at school

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