Our children’s health is the Nation’s wealth

In a recent address made by our Honorable Prime Minister, he iterated the importance of ensuring good health of our children. Most of the initiatives taken up by the government are a testimony to the fact that a healthy nation makes a prosperous nation. In this context, Global Indian International School held the Health is Wealth week at the school.

Special assemblies were conducted on reiterating the importance of good health. A skit was conducted which showed the difference between a healthy child vs. an unhealthy child. The difference shown in their lifestyle conveyed the message very strongly on how crucial it is to remain healthy for leading a good life. Children also spoke on the different properties of the food components like Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. A fun ‘Food Facts’ session was also held where the students shared some interesting facts on food with the rest of the class. A few health tips were shared like “avoid eating junk food”, “eat lots of fruits” etc.

An activity of ‘Cooking without Fire’ was also conducted where the students made healthy options of food and were judged on the parameters of health quotient, taste followed by presentation. Worksheets were given in the class to emphasize on the healthy aspects of life.


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