Saluting the brave hearts of our Motherland

Global Indian International School strives to imbibe in its students respect not only for our great nation, but also for those sons of soils who have devoted their lives as soldiers of our mother land, protecting it from the invaders and terrorists. We as a family hold the brave hearts in the highest esteem and remain ever grateful for their efforts.  In this endeavor, we celebrated and observed the National Flag Day and held a special assembly in the school.

The primary purpose of this was to show our respect towards the soldiers. A small video was played to extend our tribute to those martyrs who etched their names for protecting our motherland. Students also dressed up as the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force personnel and spoke about the greatness of this nation, showing placards with their motto and mission.  Students also shared the history of how the flag day came into existence and why it should be observed.

The students also displayed the National Flag and spoke about the beauty and legacy of the Indian tri-color. Everyone saluted the National Flag while expressing great pride for it.

It is a way of strengthening the cultural bond among the people of India and the staffs of armed forces. This celebration plays a great role in enhancing the welfare of the serving personnel of Indian armed forces.

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