A day out with Fathers

He is the hero of his children’s life. He is the protector. He is the knight in shining armor for the innocent childhood and a source of guidance for the confused teenagers. He is strict yet vulnerable, loving yet punishing and to applaud the indomitable spirit of a father -the anchor of his children’s life, the team of Global Indian International celebrated the father-child bond on Saturday, Nov 19, 2016.

Fathers of the students of pre primary were invited to witness the love of their children which often might be unseen in the hectic routine life. It was that time of the year again where fathers forego their tie and suits to adorn the Master Chef hats with their little ones, where they had to put their culinary skills to test by using various ingredients. As the fathers set on to give their best with their little naughty partners, the mothers looked on. It was a delight to watch the fathers work so diligently to bring up the best dish. The team spirit of each father-child duo was heartening to watch as the tiny tots helped the fathers in every possible way. A flight of creative, interesting, beautiful, and innovative snacks in a riot of different colors were brought forward for the awards

“I look forward to come to the School for these kinds of activities. My daughter is so excited about the activity and the gleam of joy in her eye when she holds my hand as we walk in the School premises gives me immense satisfaction”, said a father. The jury judged the dishes on taste, presentation, health quotient and the concept. Tasting was the biggest highlight and was enjoyed by the judges.

Principal Dr Vohra congratulated the fathers for displaying their wonderful talents and thanked them not only for being a part of the celebration but also for setting a fine example for their children.

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