In a growing unfortunate reality of today’s times, child abuse- emotional/physical or sexual has become a growing concern. When a child’s safety is at stake, the society is defeated. It therefore becomes imperative to sensitize not only young children but also the parents. Global Indian International School, Chinchwad held a session on one of the most important topics that require immediate action and discussion. The counselors of the school Ms Kinjal Goradia and Ms Ophelia Lobo took a session on Good touch Bad touch with the parents of pre-primary division of the school.

In this session, they encouraged parents to talk about personal safety. Instead of focusing on dos and don’ts, the need is to create an environment where they have an open communication channel with their children. Parents need to be open about the risks that such incidents involve. They were encouraged to speak with their children and warm up to them so that in case they experience any sort of bad touch, they will be comfortable in sharing it with their parents. They were sensitized on what could be inappropriate touching and given instructions on touching rules that are appropriate. The counselors also busted a few myths that are very commonly prevalent in Indian parents.

“Child Sex Abuse is a reality and we can teach our children some basic safety rules for their protection. These rules are simple, easy to learn and even four year olds can learn to protect themselves effectively. Most parents shy away from talking to their children about uncomfortable topics. This talk with children is about SAFETY and not to be interpreted differently. The way you teach kids to cross road, handle fire or work with knives; you can teach kids to be safe from UNSAFE TOUCH”, says Kinjal Goradia, Behavioural Counselor at GIIS Chinchwad

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