Looking for great stories, A-ha moments, innovation and disruptive ideas, the “International Youth Startup Conference” on 7th – 8th October, 2016, with the theme “Innovation and Enterprise” was organized by the Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, one of India’s leading Boys residential school in collaboration with The Achievers Programme (TAP), Chandigarh. 2 students and 1 teacher were invited from schools all over India to participate in this Conference.

Sidharth Anandkumar, Ashutosh Bakre along with Ms Preethy Menon represented the Global Indian International School, Chinchwad at the platform, that was created for students to pitch and share their “Innovative Startup and Entrepreneurship Ideas” that answer the following questions:-

i. What need is your Startup Idea going to fulfill?
ii. What problems is your Startup Idea going to Solve?
iii. What inconvenient is your Startup Idea going to make convenient?

Sidharth and Ashutosh presented the revolutionary concept of 3D printing at the conference drawing a lot of attention from the participants. They spoke about how this concept can be tapped on to bring a prolific change in the lives of amputees. They took along with them a prosthetic arm that was made through the 3D printing printers that are a highlight of the GIIS Campus. This completely functional prosthetic arm can be used to add the much needed limb to an amputee who will be able to do daily tasks with the same. It is made of a bio-degradable cornstarch material, also adding to its environmental friendly quality. They also spoke on the possibility of having a mobile app -3Doable that will help people to reach out to the concerned people for seeking the intervention of 3D experts. Another vertical explored through this was Architecture where students spoke about creating 3D models of their dream homes to execute the construction effectively.

Overall the experience proved to be extremely enriching for the two students and lot was learnt in this rendezvous with student leaders from different states.

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