Service to others was the motto of his life and for this reason; he came to be a person of such exceptional humanity which will remain to be of incredible value to young children. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is not just a name…it is a revolution that lead India towards attaining freedom. It is therefore a matter of pride as we commemorate the great Mahatma on his birth anniversary.

The occasion of Gandhi Jayanti was observed in the school campus with hearts full of respect and adulation for the man who gave us the gift of freedom. In a special assembly, students put up a skit depicting various scenes from the Mahatma’s life which reflected his values. The students also did a ‘Dandi March’ where over 200 students voiced their opinions on issues like gender equality, save a girl child, freedom, Digital India, Make in India, Terrorism and various other contemporary topics. With posters in their hands the students rallied around drawing attention of the general public while sensitizing them on the issues.

GIIS, Chinchwad is a centre for Mahatma Gandhi Values and to be on the footsteps of the Mahatma and effectively instill universal values in a measurable way amongst students for complete development of mind, body and soul. We believe that each child is empowered to be a Mahatma where each syllable defines the quintessential qualities of a rising personality.

Compassion, respect for others, empathy, forgiveness, integrity and other virtuous qualities essential for peace are motivated by the human heart and spirit. This innate spirituality was the fundamental truth of Gandhiji’s life and remains to be the universal principles and values that all people acknowledge.

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