India is a country that is a geographical amalgamation of diversity in its broadest form. Food, cultures, clothing, ethnicity, dialects and a general way of living is contrastingly different across various states. However one common thread that runs through the entire nation bringing us all together is the language of Hindi. A powerful dialect passed through generations of rich legacy, Hindi is the most relatable language for Indians. Marking the “Hindi Diwas” and celebrating the richness of this language, Global Indian International School, Chinchwad held a special assembly to celebrate the Hindi Divas

The assembly began with a rendition by the school choir on the importance of Hindi language in our lives and how it acts as a bond of unity, irrespective of any caste and culture. This was followed by a short skit depicting the role of punctuations in the language and how each one of them has its own importance in making the language complete and meaningful.
A small riddle activity was held to arouse curiosity and also give an opportunity to the students to develop their creative thinking. Students also stated that Hindi is the No. 9 Universally loved and spoken language.

The students were also sensitized about the origin of the language and its importance and also learnt different skills in communicative Hindi. Dr Amrita Vohra one the occasion said, “It is very important to reiterate in the young students respect for their national language. Though we wish to excel in English as it is the widely used communicative language, we should always be reminded of the roots from where we grow.”

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