To offer extended learning going beyond the sterile strips of data which is disseminated largely to the students in schools, GIIS Chinchwad holds the Leadership Lecture Series that primarily aims at bringing experiences of personalities and their thoughts on success, goals and general well being that is most important for a purposeful life. The Leadership Lecture Series provides an exploration of leadership through stories and experiences shared by guest speakers. Students are invited to discuss and engage in issues as well as popular trends and topics that shape and affect their communities.

Mr Raj Arora, has been motivating students since a decade and has his profound interests in education and sport followed by business and investment. He has been instrumental in setting up premium schools in India. His expertise lies in training young individuals and inspiring them towards goal setting and laying a road map for success. His session at GIIS Chinchwad focused on imbibing in the students the responsibility of their lives and making them more accountable of every action/decision they take. He also shared with them the roadmap for an international education and the significance it holds in the current global scenario.  Through his repository of excellent videos which resonated with inspiring stories, he told the students to believe in themselves.

The Q & A session followed the highly motivational talk where the students of GIIS shared ideas/thoughts on the pursuit of excellence, success, goals, aspirations and dreams. Mr Arora also took a small group session with senior students giving them tips on success and overcoming the apprehensions for future.

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