Synonym with abundant wisdom, infinite knowledge, sharp wit and intelligence, Lord Ganesha is believed to bring with him prosperity and a lot of joy. Marking the beginning of the 10 day festival laced with pomp and splendor, Global Indian International School Chinchwad also celebrated the birth of their dear god with lot of fun. Just as our little wonders, Lord Ganesha is endearing and reflects the innocence and witty intelligence of childhood.

Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and all the problems as well as creator of happiness in the life of people and this was reiterated to the students through assemblies, stories and activities marking the occasion. He is worshiped before starting any new work. Students of KI and KII created giant props of Ganesha, a mouse and modak which they used for the assembly. The kids had a good time as they accentuated their crafting skills and made cute and adorable props. During the group activity, children were very eager to tell about how they celebrate Ganesh festival and they also enjoyed doing activity.

Our students of K1 showed their Creativity and imagination by doing a group activity on Ganesh Chaturthi by sticking  crumpled crepe paper balls on laddoos, tearing and pasting activity ,magic painting, sticking of grains,  rangoli , sponge dabbing and many other activities  on the image of Ganesha. The kids had a great time doing all the different activities and enhanced their crafting skills.

Our K2 students did a fabulous job of painting and decorating a life size image of Ganapati bappa. It was a perfect example of team work, wherein each section neatly completed the work designated to them. Beautiful colours, glitters, mirrors and sequins were used to do the group activity. And the final result was divine

A special assembly was also held where students brought the idol and did aarti. They performed the ‘Ganpati Vandana’ and through a small skit displayed the traditions involved in the festival.

The entire school was reverberating with ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ as each one was overjoyed on the arrival of Ganesha who showers blessings of prosperity and knowledge on all.

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