International Literacy day is observed all across the globe on September 8, with an aim to sensitize the world about the significance of literacy and overall global learning. Knowing the core knowledge of basic literacy is just the beginning of today’s survival in society, what is needed more is also the ability to communicate with others and also the ability to comprehend and solve problems and learn from these problems.

With society and technology rapidly evolving, people must have the basic level of literacy to begin their lives in society. A school gives people this level in which they can learn and improve their ability to function better and improve their lives and workplace. Global Indian International School, Chinchwad observed the Literacy Day to highlight the importance of the ability to read and write. With “Each one teach one to achieve 100% literacy”, as the prime motto of this observation, students began with the assembly with the message given by Kofi Annan- “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope”

Through a presentation student spoke about Literacy as the tool for daily life in modern society, a fortification against poverty, and a building block of development. A ‘nukkad natak’ on literacy was presented by the students – displaying the importance of literacy and focused on girl literacy. Play included the plans run by the government to promote education and to bring about a change in the mindsets of people to take up girl education with earnestness.

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