Lord Krishna beautifully symbolizes the playfulness, innocence and smart wit of childhood. His birth is celebrated with festivities in schools which resonate with childhood mischievousness and purity. The ways to celebrate Janmashtami with children are several, all of them rewarding which add the element of magic and grandeur to their lives.

GIIS Chinchwad celebrated this occasion with our little children who are believed to be incarnations of Lord Krishna himself. Janmashtami was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. It was endearing to see the tiny tots of GIIS coming dressed as Krishnas and Radhas. A special assembly was held to sensitize children on the life of Lord Krishna and why his birth is celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm. The little girls presented a dance that reverberated in the auditorium at GIIS bringing in the Gokul/ Vrindavan feel.

Children also indulged in art and craft activity where they stuck a cut out of a matki full of butter in their scrapbook. They also made a flute which is the favourite instrument of Shree Krishna. The highlight of the day was the “Dahi Handi”, where the children broke the pot which is symbolic of the playful act of Krishna to steal the butter.

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