Research has proved that a child’s reading skills are important to their success in school and work. In addition, reading can be a fun and imaginative activity for children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.  Reading and writing are important ways we use language to communicate.

GIIS Chinchwad believes that fostering reading habits since an early age will prolifically help students not only gain knowledge but expand their horizons, escalate their imaginative prowess and integrate effective communication skills. In this regard, the Reading Club at GIIS positively aims at doing all of the above.

The club actively tries to create an opportunity for learners to become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature, enabling the participants to increase their exposure, motivation and opportunity to improve their standard of English listening, reading and speaking. The school also provides an opportunity for the parents to volunteer their services in holding workshops/sessions in their area of expertise.

Mrs Ramchandani, mother of Amit Ramchandani (VII D) came to take the workshop for the reading club. She narrated the story of the famous personality and the learning & motivation which student will carry from the story.

Parent engagement is an integral ethos of the school and we actively collaborate with parents to ensure student success.

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