With the globe coming closer owing to the technological advancements, “Sharing best practices” as evolved as an interesting and enriching concept that can be well utilized to help students learn and share their experiences with their contemporaries from across the globe broadening their horizons, gaining an understanding and insight into various thoughts and ideas.

GIIS Chinchwad is actively engaged in bringing cross campuses ideas through Video Conferencing sessions that are used to help students connect with each other, share ideas and learn from their experiences. Acting as a perfect backdrop for Independence Day, the topic for the recently held VC on 12th August 2016 was ‘Freedom Struggle of India’. GIIS campuses across India from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Noida, Surat and Pune were a part of this VC bringing in lot of dynamism and patriotism to the VC.

GIIS Chinchwad bagged the first prize vindicating their talent and hard work. The energetic team of students presented their skit in the national language which added to the patriotic fervour. The main theme of the skit was to understand and portray how well the youth of today understand freedom. Going beyond the national public holiday and respecting the freedom struggle, appreciating the efforts taken by our great freedom fighters were a few points resonating in the script.

Students though the skit spoke about how India may be free of the British rule but is still enslaved by social evils gripping us. The students urged the society and especially the youth, sensitizing them on the efforts that should be taken by today’s generation to make India a great place to live in.

Each campus presented a skit on the topic and used various ways to put across their idea of freedom and their understanding of freedom struggle. The students were given an option of presenting their skits either in Hindi or English and were also given liberty to use bi-lingual scripts for their skits. Students used their creative skills and used songs, idioms, poetry combined with excellent dialogue delivery to present their skits.

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